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Vrsar is a small town located alongside the Lim bay at the height of 54 meters above sea level. The first dwellings built here, took place at the bare top of the hill and later spread to slopes around it. The new
Vrsar more oriented to tourism develops closely to the seaside. It is surrounded by the romantic islands and numerous rocks: Figarolica, Lakal, Salamon, Zavata, Galiner, Sv. Juraj, Longa, GustiŠkolj, Tuf, Galopon, Koversada, Orlandin. As every borough by the sea, Vrsar also has a small marina whose north side is closed by the peninsula called Montraker. This peninsula is home of a unique place only a few meters away from the sea,nourishedby the sound of waves and gentle breeze in the background -Orlandin. The idyllic mediterranean beach bar and grill fast food took its name from one of the islands-rocks upon which has a direct view. It radiatesthe unique scents and tastes of Istria. This little island was named afterOrlandoFurioso, the main character of the romantic epic poem ofLudovico Ariosto, written in 1516. According to the legend, Orlando, mad because of the disobedience of hiscrew, cut one third of the stone cliff (Orlandin) with his sword.

Nowadays, everything is frenzy. Time has become luxury, we walk fast, drive fast, eat fast. Traditions and cultures of eating, socializing and relaxation are being more forgotten day by day. Having that in mind while
trying to discover a good location, Montrakerseemed the perfect ambient.
Whenwasthe last time you took a walk by the sea, sensed the scents of the sea, lavender or rosemary? In one such walk with my family, we discovered that Montrakerhas something magical; a pure Mediterranean oasis of senses that we want to share with other people.
Even though our official name contains the word ‘fast-food’, what you will find here is completely the opposite. Slow food is our specialty, and that is why you should dare to steel an hour of your time, rush out of the city jam, logout from your virtual world, turn off your cell phones and join us, enjoyourbeautifulsea view and the sounds of crickets.
If there are children in your family,you are at the right spot,because we are located in the pedestrian zone, only a few meters from the sea, and there is plenty of room for the children to play carefree in nature, or in our little amusement park.
Working abroad for thirty years, and visiting differents restaurants, thoughts what I would do if it were my restaurant,crossed my mind.
That is why I decided to use this experience and start my own business, with support of my family, without whom Orlandin bar would still be just a dream.
These decisions proved to be a success, our guests have recognized our efforts and potential, and reward it by visiting us.
Today, we proudly invite you to visit our recognizable bar and experience the unforgettable moments in a mediterranean atmosphere with specialties of the house, accompanied by our carefully chosen music programme.

The habits of dining and table cultureare more and more neglected, people tend to eat in a hurry, destined to low quality food...Omnipresent stressleed to loss of the charm of family dining and socializing, while thefood quality drastically dropps.

Therefore we pay much attention when preparing food. In our menu you can find only carefully selected ingredients. We may be a fast food bar but we believe that is very important to provide our customers the best quality. We try to buy local groceries from local suppliers, in order to avoid mega industrial modified products.

Our offer extends from fast food for those in a hurry back to the beach, to cold appetizers, meat dishes such as steak, popular ‘ćevapčići’, with the inevitable variety of simple and complex fresh salads, and of course seafood delicacies such as sea bass, gilthead, squids etc.For sweet lovers and ourlittle heroes, there is a whole range of desserts, various pancakes, cakes, fruit salads as well as ice cream cups and ice coffee.

Take a glipmse of our rich offer.
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